Staff is built around a philosophy rather than a product. We regularly create products that are centred around style. Our belief that products should be created with the highest ethics in mind informs the way we design and manufacture, meaning our products are created with a philosophy centred around the following rules we have set ourselves...

1. Each product must be made to the highest possible quality ensuring its longevity both in terms of its construction but also its design qualities.

2. Every element of its manufacturing, design process, marketing and distribution must adhere to the most ethical and sustainable methods.

3. We are a style company, not a fashion brand - we believe in style over fashion and therefore each product is designed with that in mind and we endeavour to create products that become classic style pieces.

4. Each product is made in limited edition quantities, not to be repeated. We want to ensure demand always outnumbers supply to ensure there is no waste created, but also ensuring our products are special to those who purchase them.

5. We make unisex products, there are no male and female collections, but rather simply good products.